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[IP] Sara smarty pant's question about glucose metabolism

Michael wrote:
> What you are experiencing is the conversion of a large amount of
> protein to carb.

Is it not more accurate to say that the protein is converted to amino acids?
I did not know the physiological process involved actually turned the
 into usable-by-insulin-carbohydrate

- ----------------------------------------------------------
Proteins are "deaminated" and converted to glucose in a Wasting process
called Gluconeogenesis, the amino acids are converted to urea and excreated
by the kidneys, the body trys not to do this because it wastes amino acids
the body is so frugal about its meal intake, that is why it is easy to gain
weight and hard to loose it.deamination requires energy. the glucose needs
insulin, the amino acids do not. deamination requires a glucose energy
source and wastes energy in addition to nitrogen. Energy is provided by
cellular metabolism.  There is wasting of muscles in cases of diabetic
The body generally operates to save everything it can and waste nothing!
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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