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[IP] Minimed Poor Service

I have a Minimed poor service story that I am still in
the midst of...

I am visiting relatives in a very rural area of
southern Kansas.  (Poor cell coverage & nearest major
medical facility is more than an hour drive away).  I
packed extra infusion sets for "just in case".  Just
in case happened - the very last one that I was
putting in this morning failed (my fault, but it
failed).  I called Minimed to help track down another
set.  I won't be home until Monday night late.  

I was on hold on the emergency line for about 20
minutes.  Finally the answering service picked up. 
Told me they would take a message & have someone call
me back.  I refused to hold & told him to put me
through immediately.  He did.

Finally got a rep on the line - she gave me the names
of 3 facilities to call on SUNDAY.  None of them were
open.  She also told me she would contact the local
sales rep & have him call me.  FIVE HOURS LATER STILL

When I called her she told me that "cell phones don't
seem to be working there!".  Okay.  Fine.

I just got back from the ER so I could get a bottle of
NPH to get me through the night.  (No open pharmacies
on Sunday either).  I'll be back in Denver tomorrow
night so I should be okay on MMDI until then.

I still have not received a call from anyone at
Minimed.  From my perspective - their pump that I own
doesn't work.  Shouldn't they be a bit more interested
in helping me????

C'est la vie.  I can hardly wait to have the new
Animas pump!!!


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