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[IP] Reuse of lancets, injecting thru clothes, other stuff that makes CDE's tremble and RN's go gaga over.

> I'm not sure why you assume that reusing a lancet introduces various
> germs into your system.  There's likely a whole lot more germs
> already all over your skin that even washing can't remove.  Just the
> act of puncturing your skin is the potential danger for infection,
> even with a sterile lance.  The surface of a smooth steel lance is a
> terrible culture medium, much worse than bare skin.
>      There was a study a few years ago in Britain where they measured
> white cell counts of people who injected through their clothes.  They
> could find no effect of infection at all. So back then my prepump
> endo suggested that I could do that if i wanted. Of course they
> didn't say whether they were testing diabetic sewer workers
I read that study. It was not stratgified as to occupation. I began
injecting thru my pants or shirt front when i was an intern and everyone was
shocked out of their minds by it. I never got an infection from that. I
learned that from the chief resident Ken Fisher who was also t1. the steel
shaft of a lancet has no nutritive value for bacteria. It is actually
somewhat rough so it can allow bacteria to find refuge on it, but why would
they want to? I reuse mine until they hurt. in a normal person bacterial
infections are difficult to acquire from germs entering the blood stream.
Even diabetics are not very vulnerable. I had a couple angiograms which
despite all the drapes the catheters acquire airborne bacteria (by
experiment) spot,
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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