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Re: [IP] Mini-Doses of Glucagon for Sick Days

In a message dated 9/21/2002 9:00:06 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Why not use something like non-sugar free (in other words regular) seven-up 
> or something along those lines.  Even if you are not able to keep anything 
> down for long, the sugar content of the soda will get absorbed into the 
> system and the carbonation may even help sooth the stomach a bit....????

They (the CDEs at the BDC) do also suggest trying regular pop (preferably a 
caffeine free one or a gatorade type of drink) as options -- as are popsicles 
and regular jello. But when you (or your child) can't keep anything down, and 
you need more insulin to deal with ketones but can't get enough glucose to 
offset that insulin into the system any other way, they offer the mini-doses 
of glucagon as an option (that may let you resolve things at home vs. having 
to go into the ER and have a glucose IV hooked up etc.) . . . I haven't tried 
it myself (Katie hasn't thrown up since she was a pre-schooler), but I just 
wanted to share the information of that option . . . Obviously, there are 
other options and certainly in some circumstances just taking them to the 
hospital is the wisest move . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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