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[IP] Ultraflex Problems

George wrote:
<Since the Rapids now have a disconnect, go back to using them.  I also use
the Ultraflex, but when they start to give me problems I revert to using the
Rapids for a period of time using my arms.  It is like giving an area a
"holiday" from use, moving from the abdomen to the arm.  Besides, the Rapids
can be considerably cheaper.  Just remember to change them more frequently
since they are a metal needle.     :>)


I have tried and tried to use the Rapid disconnect and just cannot get them 
to work for me. I know they have a slightly smaller guage needle, but how 
much havoc can that wreak? Dunno.  I had 3 boxes to use and was going 
through them like candy (very expensive candy <g>.  Those have a teflon 
canula.  The regular rapids with the metal needle and no disconnect have 
been discontinued.  Any other ideas?  Do you use a different length need in 
your arm than else where?



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