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Re: [IP] Ultraflex Users

Diane, I used to have similar problems when i first started using the 
ultraflex.  Turned out i was inserting them incorrectly.  you need to 
hold just the blue end of the introducer needle.  Don't touch the 
plastic.  Insert the needle, then press down firmly on the plastic 
body and pull out the needle.
  I used to hold both the plastic and needle, and i'd often get crimping too.

<<<<<<<<<Despite over 5 years of pumping with all the Disetronic 
infusion sets and a
couple of Minimed as well, I can't seem to get the Ultraflex to deliver the
insulin to me.  I'm using a 10mm needle am overweight and lumpy - used the
10mm Rapid without issue.  As my blood sugars escalate and the DKA preview
comes on I am trying to figure out what I could be doing incorrectly.  I
tried the Rapid disconnects with major problems.
The insulin in priming through the tubing when I check both before and
after, but the teflon (?) canula looks folded up, as if the needle went in
but the canula didn't.  Any ideas?
Help. Dianne>>>>>>>>>
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