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[IP] Re: Follow-Up Qs on Crimped Cannula Suggestions


I believe that the Ultraflex is a new Disetronic infusion set, unlike any
other on the market, If I am incorrect, I am sure someone else wull speak out.
You can call DIsetronic, and they will ship to you free of charge a couple of
samples from you to try out, this is what I did before committing to a month's
supply in my 1st order for them.  As for an insurance, other than giving hem
your information, there really isnt too much hassle, since they do all of the
legwork in getting the authorizations.  I've ordered test strips from Minimed
at one time when Disetronic was back-ordered, and didn't encounter any hassle.
Give it a shot, you don't have anything to lose.
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