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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect" -Long

At 12:19 PM 9/20/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >Hi Ryan,
 >I have been following your posts on delayed bg spikes from pizza, and thought
 >you might be interested in Dr. Richard Bernstein's theory that he calls the
 >"Chinese Restaurant Effect."  The theory is that your BG will rise if you eat
 >until you feel full, regardless of the actual nutritional content of the 

Hi Colleen,

This is interesting, but my feeling is that it fails the Occam's razor 
test. Much simpler things can explain the problem.

Many years ago a patient asked me why her blood sugar went for 90mg/dl up to
300mg/dl every afternoon after she went swimming. I asked her what she ate
before the swim.nothing, just a freebie, she replied. As it turned out, the
freebie was lettuce. When I asked her just how much lettuce she was eating
before her swims, she replied, A head.

The woman is swimming on an empty stomach.  She is using energy.  She 
probably took insulin in the morning. (We have no way of knowing one way or 
the other from the email missive.) I would guess that her liver started to 
spew glucagon when her blood sugar became low. Hence the rise in blood sugar.

The explanation lies in what I call the Chinese Restaurant Effect.
The upper part of the small intestine contains cells that release hormones
into the blood stream when they are stretched, as after a large meal.

Cornstarch.  There is lots of it in most  American-Chinese food and it can 
keep your bloodsugar at a pretty steady high for several hours.  We won't 
even mention the sugar and fat that are prevalent in the sweet and sour and 
mu shu stuff.

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