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[IP] Follow-Up Qs on Crimped Cannula Suggestions

Thank you for the suggestions.

Michael, maybe I'm being dense, but I'm having trouble picturing what you
are saying about inserting perpendicular to the muscle movement.  Do you
mean that if I were going to insert in my thigh, I should be going from
side-to-side, rather than up-to-down?  Come to think of it, I always go from
side-to-side when I use my tummy, but up-to-down on my legs and hips.

	! Leg !
	!	!
Sil --!-->	!
	!	!

And I guess I've been out-of-the-loop on new products longer than I thought,
because I had never heard of the Ultraflex or Quick-Set.  I went to both the
Disetronic and Medtronic-Minimed sites, but it is hard to tell what the sets
are really like from the pictures.  I'm somewhat uncertain about the 90
degree angle, as I started out using Sof-Sets and really didn't like them at
all.  The main issues were discomfort from the adhesive on the sets and on
the necessary extra tape (I am allergic to many adhesives) and a tendency
for the little knob on top to catch on things.  What is the difference
between the Sof-Set and Quick-Set?  And is the Quick-Set comparable to the
Ultraflex?  (I think I would have to get the Quick-Set, rather than the
Ultraflex, to avoid an insurance hassle, since I get the rest of my supplies
from Minimed.)

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