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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect" -Long

Colleen that is a fascinating theory that I hadn't heard before.  It 
may be correct, but I dont' think his explanation makes much 
physiologic sense.  The beta cells respond in less than a minute to 
any increase in BG.   And even glucose tabs don't enter the blood 
immediately.  So there's no need for all that extra physiologic 
complexity of matching anticipated insulin and glucagon based on a 
stretched intestine, that might be filled with carbohydrates or 
protein or fat or just vegetation.
   However, having said that, my personal experience is that when i 
have stuffed myself I almost always underestimate the amount of 
insulin I need.  So i can't completely yet dismiss this crazy idea. 
Maybe Ryan will figure it all out ;-)

<<<<<<<<<<<Dr. Richard Bernstein's theory that he calls the
"Chinese Restaurant Effect."  The theory is that your BG will rise if you eat
until you feel full, regardless of the actual nutritional content of the food.
  He describes it on one of his websites:
http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/drbernstein/question1.htm, but I copied the
text for you below.
How can these low-carbohydrate foods affect blood sugar so dramatically?
The upper part of the small intestine contains cells that release hormones
into the blood stream when they are stretched, as after a large meal. These
hormones signal the pancreas to produce some insulin to prevent the blood
sugar rise that might otherwise follow the digestion of a large meal. Since a
very small amount of insulin released by the pancreas can cause a large drop
in blood sugar, the pancreas simultaneously produces the less potent hormone
glucagon to offset the potential excess effect of the insulin. If youre a
diabetic and deficient in producing insulin, you might not release insulin,
but you will still release glucagon, which will cause gluconeogensis1 and
glycogenolysis2 and thereby raise your blood sugar. Thus, if you eat enough to
feel stuffed, your blood sugar can go up even if you eat something
indigestible, such as sawdust.
Colleen J. Brust>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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