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[IP] Mini-Doses of Glucagon for Sick Days

In a message dated 9/21/2002 2:53:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> As it turned out, I developed the stomach flu, after bolusing and attempting
> to eat dinner.  I never lost consciousness, but I don't remember everything
> that happened.  My bg's stayed in the 20's and 30's for nearly four hours,
> despite glucose tablets, juice, and finally glucagon.  I did go to the ER, 
> but
> was never given a dextrose drip as the glucagon did finally kick in (we 
> didn't
> want to take any chances at that point).

I didn't see Cindy's post until too late to be of help to her, but I did want 
to share that the CDEs from the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes 
In Denver has been counseling families for quite some time about the option 
of using mini-doses of glucagon on sick days, particularly when you aren't 
able to keep anything down.  They tell those of us with kids to use one unit 
of glucagon per year of age, so I don't know what the adult dose would be (if 
it were me, I'd probably try something like 20 units to start with).  The 
mini-doses can be used every 2-4 hours or so, and once you mix the glucagon 
you need to use it up or dispose of the unused portion after 24 hours max.  
They caution us to remember that this can lead to depletion of glucose stores 
in the liver, which does put you at some risk if a severe low happens with 
24-48 hours.  But they do suggest that this is an option that may help keep 
you (or your child) out of the ER . . . just thought I'd pass the info on . . 

Pumpmama to Katie
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