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[IP] Re: Glucagon

I have never used glucagon although there were a few time when it could have 
been used.  The last serious low, resualting in ambulance/hospital stay was 
over 6 years ago(yaa me).  I can remember 4 times my mom has had to call an 
ambulance, 1 at a friends, 1 at school and 2 in the middle of the night.  
But those were a good 10 years ago and when diagnosed they had told my mom 
it had to be injected in the muscle in a certain spot or it could do worse 
damage( anyone ever heard of that??)  Where we are to call an ambulance, 
they arrive within 10 minutes and then it's 5 to the hospital.  I'm lucky to 
never of had seizures, and could usually manage to drink something, with 
alot of incoherant yelling and trying to swim to the shore "save yourself 
mom, leave me and save yourself!".

Ps- the low at school, they had called my mom at work and told her she'd 
have to pick me up cause I was ignoring the teacher and wouldn't answer her 
or move!  My mom freaked yelling at them to call an ambulance like they had 
been trained!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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