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Re: [IP] Ultraflex Users

On 9/21/02 6:59 PM, "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Greetings-
> Despite over 5 years of pumping with all the Disetronic infusion sets and a
> couple of Minimed as well, I can't seem to get the Ultraflex to deliver the
> insulin to me.  I'm using a 10mm needle am overweight and lumpy - used the
> 10mm Rapid without issue.  As my blood sugars escalate and the DKA preview
> comes on I am trying to figure out what I could be doing incorrectly.  I
> tried the Rapid disconnects with major problems.
> The insulin in priming through the tubing when I check both before and
> after, but the teflon (?) canula looks folded up, as if the needle went in
> but the canula didn't.  Any ideas?

Since the Rapids now have a disconnect, go back to using them.  I also use
the Ultraflex, but when they start to give me problems I revert to using the
Rapids for a period of time using my arms.  It is like giving an area a
"holiday" from use, moving from the abdomen to the arm.  Besides, the Rapids
can be considerably cheaper.  Just remember to change them more frequently
since they are a metal needle.     :>)

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