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[IP] Thank You

Just a quick, but sincere, thank you to all those who responded to my
"unbelievable low" post.

As it turned out, I developed the stomach flu, after bolusing and attempting
to eat dinner.  I never lost consciousness, but I don't remember everything
that happened.  My bg's stayed in the 20's and 30's for nearly four hours,
despite glucose tablets, juice, and finally glucagon.  I did go to the ER, but
was never given a dextrose drip as the glucagon did finally kick in (we didn't
want to take any chances at that point).

This was my first experience with the stomach flu and such a prolonged low in
my nearly 5 years with type 1.  This experience will serve as a reminder to me
of how very serious this disease is.  Thank you again for your responses, as
the support you provided was greatly appreciated!

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