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[IP] =?UNKNOWN?Q?haba=F1ero?= peppers

Hey, does that enye "q" really show up on YOUR 'puter? It is an actual
letter in Spanish, you know. It is also how Habaqero is supposed to be

But that wasn't my REAL point in this message. Those really hot peppers are
a good source of beta endorphins. If you know what a beta endorphin is you
will  know why you would want to eat a hot pepper.

Here is a hint for those of you who no longer (or never) have a tolerance
for those powerful alkaloids that "hurt so good". A spoonful of peanut
butter with, or just before, will greatly diminish the pain. I suspect it
will also greatly diminish the beta endorphins, but I will do a controlled
study to find out. I will let you know later. The PB does no good whatsoever
if you use it AFTER the pain. It must go in simultaneously or prior.

Habaqero and peanut butter on toast is REALLY delicious.

Nick Trubov
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