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RE: [IP] EZ Manager

>Yes, I did know that... however, I don't have a palm pilot yet.  I've started
>looking into buying one but haven't as of yet.  If I read the website
>correctly you need to have the palm and computer sync'd before downloading 
>I would love to download it to my computer and play with it before buying...
>but can I just use it on the computer?  I guess I'm a little confused with
>their directions.


You _can_ download and run ezManager Desktop (the PC software) on your desktop 
computer without having a palm (of any sort) or its software installed.  If 
this is what you want to do, then do the following:

1) If you're running Win98 first edition or older, then go to 
http://www.animascorp.com/products/pr_ezmanager_9598.shtml and download and 
install the additional packages per instructions.  If they instruct you to 
reboot, then please do so.

2) Download and install the ezManager from the file at 

3) Near the end of the installation process, you should uncheck the option to 
"Install PalmOS components" to prevent an error message, but no harm will come 
if you forget.

4) That's it.  ezManager will be installed under Start Menu | ezManager 
Desktop | ezManager Desktop.  You'll need to create a user manually when you 
start ezManager Desktop.

When and if you decide to purchase a Palm, you can sync the logs and DB 
additions that you created in the desktop to the Palm (and vice versa).  I 
admit that the website could be more clear on this point, but the presumption 
was that most of the users are going to want to install it (properly) on both 
their palm and their PC simultaneously.  We will be updating the website, the 
manual, and the software to simplify installation and learning  (not to 
mention some software enhancements).  ;)


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