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[IP] Re: Family trees?

> > My wife
> > and I do not have diabetes nor does anybody in the family tree.
> ------------------------------

>>> Uh yes they do. Your sons apparently do and they are your family tree as
well. <snip> Bear in mind diabetes is not always directly inherited from a
parent. Who's
to say in the 'olden days' the death certificate was citing something else
and it was really a diabetic condition? Reading through my natural family's
books, I found most were attributed to heart and TB, cirrhosis of the liver
(Yeah, they weren't saints I guess....) and there was one or two which
simply said 'natural death'. Sure. At 15? Yeah, right. But in 1790, who
could really tell? Most 'doctoring' was for the moneyed folk.>>>

But, wouldn't those 15 y/o's have died probably before they had children and
able to pass DM on? I'd think it would stop there. Since they are
discovering there are many causes for Type 1, which is an autoimmune
disease, I still believe the 8 years of constant untreated boils, sties, and
carbuncles I suffered beginning at age 3 caused my pancreas to fail from
that long-term infection. I know many people who have had boils and are not
DMers. After 52 years of this disease, I'm still the only one in the family
and they couldn't find any before me. My grandfather died at 93 (heart) and
grandmother at 86 (of breast cancer). Before the discovery of insulin, DMers
died in a short amount of time - prolly a 15 y/o wouldn't have had the
*ability* (toooooo sick - no desire) to reproduce then. Women didn't get pg
before insulin, after insulin the babies were born dead until they figured
out inducing labor early enough to have a live baby, but developed enough to
be *complete* was crucial. BTDT - mine induced 17 days and 23 days early.
Pumps and MDI have tremendously altered this situation for the better.

Perhaps the replier was talking about Type 2 and not the obvious Type 1 the
original poster was referring to in his little boy. (~_^)

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