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Re: [IP] Kay's 13 year old

Actually, Jenny has been to D camp every summer since diagnosis (4 
years). She does a pretty good job of taking care of herself and I think 
we, as parents, do a pretty good job of staying as laid back as 
possible. I do get frustrated when she eats, forgets to bolus, and 
doesn't catch it until the next meal. She doesn't seem to feel highs.

On the other hand, she is becoming a tremendous athlete in high school. 
She loves it and is living a pretty normal life.

Some days it's hard to notice the things that are going right.

Thanks, Kay

JoAnn Hayden wrote:

>Hi Kay.
>I agree that it's a bad idea to use fear of long term complications as a tool
>to acheive good control.  After all, it's scary enough for a child to have to
>deal with the immediate effects of lows and highs, and all the daily extra
>responsibilities none of their friends have.
>Do you have a teen diabetes support group in your area?  Or how about diabetes
>camp next summer?  Both allows for education and support, and best of all,
>it's not us (the hovering mothers) doing the talking.
>I know how scary it is to wonder what the future holds for our kids.  Just
>hang in there.  This group is a great source of info and support for us
>parents.  Thanks to all!
>JoAnn, mom to Dan, 14
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