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Re: [IP] Dumb Software

>  We're not all
> children who need to be monitored closely by our parents or doctors.  To
> BG meters are a tool I use to stay on top of the situation, but I should
> permitted to delete readings I do not want included.
> Its really annoying that these diagnostic companies who write most of the
> software (Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan, Abbott/Medisense, Therasense, etc.)
> write such dumb features or "controls" in their software.  I've complained
> most of them, but they've never made any changes of this type.  Anyway,
> just venting here, but I wanted ro commend Ryan for writing his own
> I hope its successful!
> Regards,
> Scott Strumello

Amen. I agree completely!!!! However the problem is not "dumb software" It
is the medical industries (manufactures, doctors and regulators) insistence
that we are all "dumb patients" and not to be trusted with our
care/treatment. I've grumbled about it on the list several times and written
letters about it to both Lifescan and Therasense. We (patients) outnumber
them (medical industry personnel) by a lot but they believe they are top
dogs and intend to stay that way. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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