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>>     Got my three month blood work back today.
Results as follows (I am only listing the things I think people are
interested in)
A1C - 5.5 (I haven't gone above 6 since starting on the pump, 6 years ago)
Total Cholesterol - 163
Triglycerides - 65
HDL - 69
LDL - 81
VLDL - 13
I was wondering, though, about the HDL.  The results were out of range on
the sheet, as it says you should be between 40 and 60.  But then, it says
that values above 59 are associated with reduced cardiac risk.  So, is it
good or bad?  I don't limit my intake of anything, really, I just eat what
I want and take insulin accordingly.  Should I try to get this number
down?  My doctor didn't seem concerned.
Alicia, type 1 19 years, pumping almost 6, using Freestyle Tracker     <<


HDL is the "good" cholesterol. The higher it is, the better. Cardiac risk is
often calculated by dividing TOTAL by HDL and anything lower than 2.85 (I
actually do not remember what the threshold value is, and it is different
for each and every lab, but it is between 2.5 and 3.0)  is considered great.
So do not worry. Be glad it is that high. The LDL and VLDL are the ones that
are really REALLY "bad" for you. For some reason they are the ones that seem
to be deposited on the lining of arterial walls and the HDL seems to help
"clear them off". I know, it sounds too simplistic, but that is what the lay
press tells us. I have had an HDL over eighty for as long as I can remember
and I suspect it is the only thing that balances my 265 total cholesterol
and "keeps me from developing" arterial stenosis. The "satin" drugs, which
are the ones we take to lower total cholesterol actually help RAISE the

For your information cholesterol is actually an alcohol. It is an
emulsifier. Without it fat would not dissolve in our blood, it would just
float around as blobs. EWWW how disgusting, eh? Lecithin, the stuff in egg
yolks and soy beans, is also an emulsifier. Of course there is the
possibility that without the emulsifier the fats wouldn't even get INTO our
blood. But that is another story.

Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
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