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[IP] Re: Glucagon

When I got my pump (almost 2 years ago),  my pump insrutctor organized a 
glucagon Rx for me.  I carried the kit with me everywhere.  Last summer, 
when my diabetic brother was unconscious I used it on him.

I injected the glucagon;   called "Emergency" at my brother's local 
hospital;   told them I had injected my brother; that I had never used 
the kit before and asked for help.  Emergency told me to bring him in if 
he didn't return to consciousness within "x" minutes (I forget the 
number of minutes).

He did return to consciousness.  The frightening part for me was his 
vomiting.  Fortunately,  he was conscious by this point.

I re-read the kit instructions while my brother vomited.   I had read 
the kit (one year before the incident)  but had missed this extremely 
important aspect.  The local hospital hadn't alerted me to make sure he 
was lying on his side in case he  vomited.

Because he was having seizures I was watching him but not wrestling him 
to lie on his side.  If he had vomited, while unconscious, he could have 
choked on his own vomit.  He could have died.

Dr, Bernstein is the only person/author I have talked with/read that 
warns of the vomiting.  He tells us that after administering the 
glucagon the unconscious head should be turned to the side so that the 
person won't choke on his/her vomit.  He suggests keeping a 4 oz. bottle 
of Reglan, attached with a rubber band, to the Glucagon Emergency Kit.  
"One gulp of Reglan, taken after you are sitting up and speaking, should 
immediately stop the feeling of nausea.  Do not consume more than one 
gulp, as large doses can cause unpleasant side effects."   (Please see 
page 267-269  of "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution'.)

I no longer carry a glucagon kit.  I'd rather take my chances on an 

Hope this helps some people.

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