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[IP] CM-to-Pump (was: Therasense CM)


We are a pump and meter manufacturer and your suggestions are valid.

This spring you are going to think someone read your mind about how pumps
should communicate with meters. A pump will do almost everything you ask.

As you suggest all diabetes devices in the future should have a standard
protocol such as IRDA (Infra Red) so all meters & handheld devices with IR
ports can talk to your pump with an IR port.

Or as you suggest a wireless standard like Bluetooth so the devices could
communicate openly in two directions.

Nope, sorry nobody wants to allow Meter X to talk freely with Pump Y. I saw
several devices at The AADE show and they all used proprietary communication

To be honest with you open protocol would be a nightmare to get FDA approval
on as FDA might require testing with every device on the market that might
communicate glucose management data with & you adjusted your therapy as a
result of that communication. There are many other huge issues from a safety
point of view.

This kind of test requirement would be the right thing to do to insure safety.
(Just a seudo educated guess!)

There is also a patent on your idea about building a BG/Carb/Bolus model
between the pump and the CM/Meter. The owner of this patent refuses to license
it to others. This is one of the reasons you don't see it on a pump right

The closest you will see to your good suggestion in the near future is a pump
which communicates two ways with a CM/Meter. I think there will be three
different brands of pumps with this technology one this spring and two more in
the near future. (As long as the diabetes device patent hogs don't prevent

I think you  will soon guess what else these pumps might do!


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