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[IP] CM-to-Pump (was: Therasense CM)

It seems that a couple of the CM products are
moving to small sensors that send bg readings to a
"hand-held device".

Here's a suggestion to CM/Pump companies:
Build the CMs to send bg readings directly to
insulin pumps!

At least one of the pumps (Kozmo) actually
uses (hand-entered) bg readings to suggest
correction boluses.  Why enter these by hand, if
the CM already has some sort of wireless
communication facility built-in?  Also,
the trending information from multiple CM readings
would make the "suggested correction bolus"
even more powerful.

I know that some of the pump companies have their
own CM products in development, and this type of
feature may already be on some product roadmaps.
But will they be proprietary?  Would I only get this
kind of feature if my pump and CM are from the same

Here's another suggestion to the CM/Pump companies:
Build the wireless link between CMs and Pumps as an
open standard!

This way, pumpers can choose the "best" CM and Pump
(whatever "best" means for the individual pumper).
For non-pumpers, other hand-held devices could still
collect the bg readings.  The "open link" would allow
various devices as collections.


>> I've seen that Therasense is developing a CM that
>> can be worn on the arm like a patch --
>> it communicates with a hand- held device like a
>> Palm or a meter.

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