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[IP] Diabetes is a killer - 13 year old

I think in a way that children like to experiment with that immortal thing and
don't realize the impact that has in the long run. Jeez the road runner keeps
coming back alive after so many times of being plowed by the Mac truck. It is
magical thinking which is fantasy thinking to parents but OH Coool to kids.

Many things that scared me straight was seeing the real life people on the
street, people that I knew in passing that I knew have diabetes - suffering
from missing limbs, blindness, died of a low blood sugar reaction. Yes, all
these are facts of life of what could happen if "you don't get control" and
yes, this information was given to me and I repeatedly didn't take control
from time to time. Some of it was maturity and some of it was happenstance
that I met somebody that was a diabetic and suffered from diabetes related
problems. You could arrange meetings with those people in the community that
are suffering but who says he/she would listen. But there is a chance that you
may break through with showing your child that "this could happen if you don't
take care of yourself".

When I was a teen (16 ish) I volunteered as a candystriper at the hospital and
happened to work on the floor that had people with emphysema and cancer that
were just in because their health temporarily got worse. One time I walked in
on a family because I was refilling their water, that the patient was
suffering from emphysema. Anyway it scared me into not smoking because that
was not the way I wanted to be.

Sometimes looking at others helps a person gain perspective and make changes.
I know through the Diabetes forecast there are pen-pals. And Check out the
support groups in the area. Talk to people you know. I know that once I
started talking about my diabetes, I really didn't feel alone any more. Best
wishes Sharon B
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