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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

Subject: Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

>As far as pizza goes, it's a conundrum. The stuff from a pizza parlor 
>be very high in protein (and fat).  For example, consider a thin-crust 
>pizza with sausage and pepperoni. A 10" round pizza usually has a good 
>pound of cheese on it, plus the sausage and pepperoni. That's probably 
>pound and a half of protein _before_ you stuff the crust.

I guess it depends...but check out the nutritional guides for the pizza 
places you eat, and they are pretty consistant.  The only variation you 
might get would be because not all pizza slices are the same 
size...even home-made.  :-)  

>The crust can be a problem, too.  When I make a pizza at home I use a 
>amount of dough so I can calculate the carbs per slice with reasonable 
>accuracy.  But when I buy it in a pizza parlor I don't have much 
>information to go on.  Plus, if I make a mistake on the carbs I 
>won't see the effect on my bg for several hours due to all the fat. In 
>experience, one slice of pizza-parlor pizza often has about 30 grams 
of carb.

I used to work at a Little Caesars for 5 years, so I can tell you that 
they are probably more consistant that you are about amount of dough.  
They carefully weigh each and every piece of dough that ends up in a 
pizza.  Some of the franchise stores don't even make it at the store, 
but it comes shipped to them frozen.  Three slices of pizza is 90 
carbs, (assuming your 30 carbs is right...which is pretty close in my 
experience).  But, fries and a sandwich at BK put me well over at about 
the same in carbs, but have MUCH more protein.

I'm not trying to argue with you here...but trying to present the case 
that the traditional reasons for the "pizza effect" don't cut it.  I've 
had to give as much as 8 units EXTRA in order to keep my BG levels 
normal on top of the 16 units that I would expect for the carbs I 
calculated.  I would have to be WAY off in order to account for a 50% 
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