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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

So the big question on everyone's mind, Liz, is what do you bolus for 
your delicious home made pizza?  and even more important, does it 
keep your BG acceptable?
  I find the pizza hut hand tossed slices they make in Baltimore have 
closer to 50 g of carb.  That may include sugar in the tomato sauce, 
but if i bolus 3 U/slice i'm ok usually.  Those chic slim San 
Franciscans must make much smaller healthier pizzas :-)

>The crust can be a problem, too.  When I make a pizza at home I use a known
>amount of dough so I can calculate the carbs per slice with reasonable
>accuracy.  But when I buy it in a pizza parlor I don't have much
>information to go on.  Plus, if I make a mistake on the carbs I probably
>won't see the effect on my bg for several hours due to all the fat.  In my
>experience, one slice of pizza-parlor pizza often has about 30 grams of carb.
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