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Re: [IP] fear does not work

They did much the same thing to me.  For the first couple of years after dx, I 
was fine until I became a teenager, late high school early college, and then I 
began to slack a little and the hormones just made it worse.  Well, the docs 
all told me I would need dialysis, I would never have children, I would need 
amputations, and would die and early and horrible death if I didn't do 
everything they told me to do.  I shut down as well.  I completely rebelled.  I 
figured, well, even when I try I can't get it right so I will die anyway, I may 
as well enjoy my life now and forget this diabetes crap.  But it got worse.  So 
I "ran away" from it all and took out an enormous student loan to go to a 
school 1500 miles away from my doctors and parents.  A year later I had been 
hospitalized twice for ketoacidosis and had to come home.  I eventually found 
an excellent medical team and my parents and I have learned that those docs 
were wrong.  I am now in therapy to get over my fears.  I can't help thinking 
that if those doctors had been more encouraging, maybe things wouldn't have 
turned out that way.  I will always be thankful that my parents were here to 
pick me up when I fell.  I moved back into their house and they did everything 
they could to get me healthy and back on my feet again.  Kids, those with and 
without diabetes, need to be encouraged and know that you will love them and 
support them no matter what.  That's what I hope to be as a parent someday 
(since I CAN have children- nany nany boo boo ;)  


> I was diagnosed at 10 1/2 and at age 12, I was hospitalized to get 
> "regulated." They insisted on scaring the bejeezus outta me, with words and 
> graphic pictures, in an effort to MAKE me realize what I was up against.  
> WRONG tactic for me, I shut down completely and ignored my diabetes til my 
> eyes started to bleed.  Seeing photographs of amputated legs and watching 
> someone take dialysis and then turning to the child and saying, THIS COULD BE 
> their mortal core and should NOT ever be invoked!!!!  
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