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Re: [IP] Sterility of lancets and needles

Well hal or jo, your skin has all sorts of tiny cracks and crevices, 
moisture, and maybe even a few good things for bacteria to eat. It's 
like a club med carribean vacation spot for bacteria.  A shiny steel 
lance has none of these. No place to hide and no water. It is simple 
to sterilize a lance, but almost impossible to sterilize skin. 
That's why surgeons still wear gloves, despite vigorous washing. 
brushing, and scrubbing of their hands.  (actually these days, they 
also wear gloves as much as to protect themselves from the patient's 
	Although I would guess that there's almost no bacteria on a 
reused lancet, I've never tried to measure it.  Hey, now there's an 
idea!  For those of you with kids in middle school, this would be a 
great science fair project.  I've seen one project where they get 
some culture media and put their hands in before and after washing 
and watch whatever starts growing and the effectiveness of hand 
washing. (usually no difference).  Someone should compare the tip of 
a used lancet to a sterile one to see if anything is there on the old 
one.  Maybe some young diabetic pumper.

>In essence, I agree with everything you said with one major exception "The
>surface of a smooth steel lance is a terrible culture medium, much worse
>than bare skin."  Why do you say that?
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