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Re: [IP] Why don't we have a search function?

On 20 Sep 2002 at 14:11, trifona wrote:

> We have a great library on informative posts, tips, sugggestions, and
> reviews on this site.  However, so much of it is inaccessable.
> Is there anyway the administrators can add a search funtion to this
> site?



> I remember a few years ago a group member came up with one on his own,
> but he lost his membership once site mgmt found out.  I can't be the
> only one here who remember this...the poor guy was pleading his case
> to everyone...what happened?

I know EXACTLY what happened.  He wanted to keep the information on his own website 
to control it.  Not exactly fair, if you asked me, since Michael has provided EVERYONE 
this website and this guy was going to appropriate ALL of your posts for HIS control.  

The last time I went to his site (have to look up the history on my home computer to find 
the URL, something about insulinpump.xxx)  the only information he had there was for a 
"shopping cart" system he had for sale.

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