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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

At 08:13 AM 9/20/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >Yes, I know the explanation was for all protein, but pizza is not
 >normally considered in the category of high protein meals.  I don't
 >have that problem with high protein meals--even a quarterpounder
 >doesn't raise BG like a slice of pizza, or as I mentioned a big block
 >of cheese by itself.  So that's why I questioned whether this
 >glucagon effect could be the explanation for pizza.  It doesn't seem
 >to be the main reason.

Well, it may not be the main reason for you.  You mentioned in an earlier 
note that you had some issues with incorrect carb counting going on, vis a 
vis pizza and bagels.  That can mess up your bg as well. <vbg>  Bagels here 
in San Francisco often weigh more than 4 ounces a piece.  I hate to think 
of their size in NYC.

But some people do have a problem with elevated blood sugars several hours 
after a meal high in protein, even if there is no carb consumption at all. 
That's what I'm addressing in my article. Not all people experience 
this.  If you want to test yourself, eat a nice big prime rib with none of 
the trimmings (baked potato, salad, creamed spinach, martini) and see what 
happens to your blood sugar three or four hours later.

As far as pizza goes, it's a conundrum. The stuff from a pizza parlor can 
be very high in protein (and fat).  For example, consider a thin-crust 
pizza with sausage and pepperoni. A 10" round pizza usually has a good 
pound of cheese on it, plus the sausage and pepperoni. That's probably a 
pound and a half of protein _before_ you stuff the crust.

The crust can be a problem, too.  When I make a pizza at home I use a known 
amount of dough so I can calculate the carbs per slice with reasonable 
accuracy.  But when I buy it in a pizza parlor I don't have much 
information to go on.  Plus, if I make a mistake on the carbs I probably 
won't see the effect on my bg for several hours due to all the fat.  In my 
experience, one slice of pizza-parlor pizza often has about 30 grams of carb.

So, it's trouble even if you don't experience the high-protein effect; 
double trouble if you do.

Incidentally, I found mention in many of the source materials that in 
people with diabetes there could well be some perturbation in the glucagon 
release system.  I didn't find anything definitive, but the belief seems to 
be that we release glucagon in excessive amounts--at least 
initially.  Researchers seem to agree that there's a problem, but I didn't 
find evidence that anyone had studied it systematically.

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