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[IP] Sterility of lancets and needles

I also reuse my lancets many times; but of course, only on myself.  Before I
started pumping six years ago, I also occasionally injected through my
clothes, especially if I were somewhere where I didn't want to be very
obvious. During 16 years of multiple daily injections, I never had an
infection; but as you correctly said, some people are more prone to
infections than others.  I'm not making any suggestions, just stating what
my experience has been.

In essence, I agree with everything you said with one major exception "The
surface of a smooth steel lance is a terrible culture medium, much worse
than bare skin."  Why do you say that?

> Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:30:40 -0400
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Reusing lancets
> I'm not sure why you assume that reusing a lancet introduces various
> germs into your system.  There's likely a whole lot more germs
> already all over your skin that even washing can't remove.  Just the
> act of puncturing your skin is the potential danger for infection,
> even with a sterile lance.  The surface of a smooth steel lance is a
> terrible culture medium, much worse than bare skin.
>      There was a study a few years ago in Britain where they measured
> white cell counts of people who injected through their clothes.  They
> could find no effect of infection at all. So back then my prepump
> endo suggested that I could do that if i wanted. Of course they
> didn't say whether they were testing diabetic sewer workers or pig
> pen wrestlers *S*
> - -wayne
> <<<<<   Personally, I re-use my lancets for several months, typically.
> had a problem.  Regardless, there are SOME folks out there who may have
> weakened immune systems who wouldn't be able to handle this.  Re-using
> a lancet DOES introduce various germs into your system...but in such
> small quantities that MOST people can kill them off without any issue.
>        It is kind of like the issue of injections.  The recommendation is
> still to use a new needle everytime, as well as clean the area with
> alcohol, etc.  But, in practice, for most people this isn't necessary.
> I frequently re-used a needle, as well as just injected through my
> clothes.  But, there may be some that such a practice is NOT a good
> idea.>>>>>>>
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