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Re: [IP] Diabetes IS a Killer DO NOT READ!!!

> Rodney,
> We need to know this. Thank you for venting. When you honestly share
> all that you have been through, it brings me back to reality. Our 13
> year old thinks she is immortal and we need to find ways to gently
> steer our daughter towards being more responsible for her D. Having
> the knowledge of how serious complications can be,  will help
> usteach her. I believe that scaring her would be wrong and probably
> not effective at this age. Does anyone have any suggestions for
> helping her understand the seriousness of this?

sigh.... it's just like all the other parenting jobs. It's not just 
diabetes that we must teach our youngsters about. All facets of life 
carry risk, diabetes is just one added burden. As with driving too 
fast, drugs, irresponsibile friends, crazies, etc.... we have to 
teach our kids about all these things and how to be wise. Sometimes 
just when we make a stride forward, we must take 2 steps back, but 
that's how it is with kids. In the end, most come out fine. Your's 
will too. Give her responsibility, let her fail a little but be there
to support her when she needs it and asks for help. She will surprise 
you (pleasantly I'm sure).

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