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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

>Yes, I know the explanation was for all protein, but pizza is not 
>normally considered in the category of high protein meals.  I don't 
>have that problem with high protein meals--even a quarterpounder 
>doesn't raise BG like a slice of pizza, or as I mentioned a big block 
>of cheese by itself.  So that's why I questioned whether this 
>glucagon effect could be the explanation for pizza.  It doesn't seem 
>to be the main reason.

I agree with you here. The reason I started this thread to begin with 
is to dispel the myth that it is just excessive protein, or delayed due 
to fat content.  The glucagon effect is the ONLY explanation I've seen 
so far that makes sense. (But, I don't believe that the glucagon effect 
is a result of excess protein.)

I compared the nutritional content of two meals I eat frequently.  They 
were relatively similar.  In one case, I was eating pizza, and in the 
other, a Double Cheeseburger Value meal from BK.  :-)  

In fact, the value meal has MORE fat and MORE protein than the pizza.  
Carbs are about the same.  But, the value meal does NOT cause a delayed 
spike in BG levels, but the pizza does.  In fact, for the value meal, 
when I bolus for the carbs, I sometimes tend to still go low...but when 
I bolus for Pizza, I end up in the 300's unless I give an ADDITIONAL 
square wave bolus on top of the normal amount I would need.

Protein is not the problem.  Pizza has far less protein than a lot of 
meals I eat.  But, it appears certain TYPES of foods cause the glucagon 
effect.  The carbs/fat/protein in pizza causes it, whereas the 
carbs/fat/protein in the value meal doesn't.  What is the difference? 
Likely, it is the TYPE of fat, TYPE of protein, or TYPE of carbs that 
causes the glucagon release.

The story we have been told for years is that it is excessive protein 
or a delay caused by fat.  But, after 20 years of personal experience, 
I can guarantee this is NOT the case.  :-)  One of these days, I'm 
going to figure out the exact culprit.
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