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Re: [IP] Paradigm battery life

>I have had two different paradigms.  I have never gotten more than 12
>days before a "low battery" message and I change right away.  I use the
>Energizers, as recommended.  I take them out and save them for a small
>flashlight I have and the supposedly low batteries work fine in the
>flashlight.  It seems like whatever senses a change in the battery 
>is too sensitive.  Not a huge problem for me - I just look for coupons.

I have to reiterate...do NOT use Energizers, instead find Kodak 
Xtralife batteries.  They are harder to find, but you can buy 4 packs 
for $1.29 at Aldi I know (since that is where I buy mine).  My Kodak 
batteries have ben consistantly lasting 3 1/2 weeks, whereas when I 
tried Energizer, it lasted 2 1/2 weeks.  

Also, if you don't need the Remote, make sure you turn off the support 
for it in the pump.  It uses up battery power even if you don't 
actually USE the remote.

But, again, look for KODAK XTRALIFE batteries to use in the Paradigm.  
Also, as a note...the more expensive Energizer batteries which are 
supposed to provide more power does NOT mean that they last longer.  
They only provide, as the name implies, more POWER.  This is important 
for devices that power matters, such as cell phones, etc.  But, the 
pump doesn't require much power, and so it is actually better to NOT 
use the higher-power batteries.  Higher-powered batteries do not 
necessaily last longer, and may even not last as long.

Did I mention to try using the Kodak batteries?  ;-)
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