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Re: [IP] Pump Question

On 9/20/02 4:17 AM, "Billie Sue Parker" <email @ redacted>
> My CDE has been working with me on square wave and dual wave boluses.
> On my pump,  I have to program the now part and wait 'til it finishes
> to do the later part.  Also, during an extended bolus I cannot make any
> other additional boluses.  Do any of the other pumps allow you to do an
> actual dual wave or let you make additional boluses during and extended
> bolus?
> Billie

Yes, Billie!   The Animas R1000 and the new IR1000 will both allow you to
set an Extended Bolus AND do a standard Bolus during the Extended's
delivery.  How else could you compensate for that additional piece of
wedding cake?      ;>)

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