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[IP] Re: infection inspection

You know I didn't give my sister-in-laws scenerio of hepatitis much thought 
at all at the time she told me that.  Still don't.  But she had just 
contracted Hepatitis at work from a needle stick--she's a nurse--and I guess 
she was just trying to protect me!  From myself I guess.  I have never shared 
a lancet.  When a family member wants me to check their blood sugar I always 
use a new lancet for them then change back to my old one and throw theirs 
away!  Guess I could put them in a baggie with their name on it for next time 
they ask!  
She really got to me the day she tried to tell me how to use my 
glucomter--she had just learned and I had been using it for years!  Oh well, 
some think education comes before experience!  She doesn't bother me these 
days about things as I guess she has finally figured out I know what I am 

Debbie and Magnum I.P.
dx 3/63
pumping 3/2000
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