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Re: [IP] Re: Reusing lancets

I'm not sure why you assume that reusing a lancet introduces various 
germs into your system.  There's likely a whole lot more germs 
already all over your skin that even washing can't remove.  Just the 
act of puncturing your skin is the potential danger for infection, 
even with a sterile lance.  The surface of a smooth steel lance is a 
terrible culture medium, much worse than bare skin.
     There was a study a few years ago in Britain where they measured 
white cell counts of people who injected through their clothes.  They 
could find no effect of infection at all. So back then my prepump 
endo suggested that I could do that if i wanted. Of course they 
didn't say whether they were testing diabetic sewer workers or pig 
pen wrestlers *S*

<<<<<   Personally, I re-use my lancets for several months, typically.  Never
had a problem.  Regardless, there are SOME folks out there who may have
weakened immune systems who wouldn't be able to handle this.  Re-using
a lancet DOES introduce various germs into your system...but in such
small quantities that MOST people can kill them off without any issue.
       It is kind of like the issue of injections.  The recommendation is
still to use a new needle everytime, as well as clean the area with
alcohol, etc.  But, in practice, for most people this isn't necessary.
I frequently re-used a needle, as well as just injected through my
clothes.  But, there may be some that such a practice is NOT a good
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