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RE: [IP] Insurance and pumps

Mike wrote:
> As big a fan as I am of Animas, that's not cool. People 
> should be able to
> choose the pump that's right for them.
> Even if that choice is a Paradigm!! ;-)
> Mike(that last comment was to rib Keith)

Hey Mike,

I just read your note this morning (Friday). So far, my day has been going
pretty lousy here at work, but I gotta admit, when I say your post it
brought a grin to my face.  ;)

I agree that people should choose the pump that's best for them. How's this
for a broad generalization: it seems to me that the Animas pump really
appeals to parents of young pumpers. Perhaps I'm completely off the mark,
but that's my observation. Maybe it's because, as I believe it was you that
said, there are more confirming button presses with Animas and, therefore,
less risk that a young pumper will make a mistake.

Then again, once you guys realize the error of your ways, you'll always be
welcomed with open arms into the MiniMed family. ;)


Keith G.
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