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Re: [IP] Unbelievable Low

>>>I know you e-mailed a while ago but I would suspend your pump for 15-30
minutes,  keep sipping on any type of sugar swweetened drink or juice you
keep down or use a glucagon kit if you have it. >>>

We have talked about this before, but suspending a pump IN a low wouldn't do
all that much to help at the time. It should have been suspended about 2
hours BEFORE the low. ;) The glucagon or call 9-1-1 is the best bet. And
don't let someone else suspend the pump. When the brain is deprived of
glucose thinking is not the best (ask Sara SP who buys socks at that time)
and confusion is major. Troubles could easily result from this practice i.e.
forgetting to reset the pump, overbolusing by pushing the wrong buttons
(happened to me!!), etc. Just leave the pump alone - the basal can't be that
high to affect *during* a low. YMMV (~_^)

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