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[IP] Animas Pump

I started on a pump in July and chose the Animas pump because my CDE had all
three and she liked the Animas alot.  She is a pump trainer and has had D for
36 years.  I also chose it after looking at my choices and viewing all the
videos.  I did not try any of them out first...just not my style.  I knew I
wanted to go on a pump and I knew that they were all good pumps.  I figured
Animas would be around for another 4 years, anyway.  I have  a feeling they
will be around for longer.  My insurance has a contract with them.  They have
come through, as promised.  They provide me with supplies and bill my
insurance...easy and simple..no hassles and I can and have returned stuff with
overnight service.  They pay the shipping on returns as well.  I can't comment
on other companies but I am very pleased with my chioce.  They use the
disetronic infusions sets and another brand and have developed their own
version of the sils and are awaiting FDA approval on it.  They also have all
the other pump supplies including IV preps and such. Hope that explains some
my reasons.
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