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Re: [IP] Curious About Pump Choice

In a message dated 9/19/2002 3:36:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My
> question is, how come over the last few months so many people have been 
> geting
> Animas Pumps?  I'm not implying that anything is wrong with that choice or
> anything, just pointing out that I've seen {to my eyes} a large
> disproportiante share of people getting one.  You would thiink most people
> would stick w/ Minimed or Disetronic if they were happy, and possibly switch
> over to the other if they werent.  Does Animas have the infrastructure to
> support everyone, & do they have the money to last {they are privately 
> held}.
> Where do animas users get there suppplies from?  I dont see anything on 
> their
> website other than accesories.

I think that Animas has been getting a lot of sales because it is a 
well-designed feature-filled pump and they have been doing a good job in both 
sales/education and service/support.  Disetronic has (IMO) been hurt badly by 
the problems with the H-tron that resulted in the  water-tight rating being 
removed on that model and then the more recent problems with the D-trons that 
"bolus by themselves" (I've been out of the loop for a while moving -- so 
that issue may have been resolved).  Minimed has been around forever and has 
a clear advantage in that they are well known and have contracts with so many 
insurance companies -- but their 508 model lacks a lot of features that the 
Animas pump has to offer and their new Paradigm has some design aspects that 
a significant number of people are less than pleased with.

I checked into Animas as a company before we settled on Animas being the 
right pump choice for our daughter (and believe me, we did a lot of 
research).  Some of the things that helped my feel comfortable with going 
with a relatively new company was the fact that the founder has 2 or 3 
previous successful high tech start-ups (and brought most of her team with 
her on this one).  With that type of track record  it's not hard to see why 
they were able to get funding.  They have also done a good job on going for 
controlled growth -- which is why you haven't heard any of the horror stories 
about poor service that can go along with companies whose management don't 
understand the need to manage growth.  Over the past, jeez I guess it's been 
over 3 years now since FDA approval, Animas has proven itself very capable of 
providing excellent service both before and after the sale -- I know we've 
been been very happy with it (15 months and counting).  I was particularly 
impressed when someone from corporate called up on Katie's one year pump 
anniversary just to check on how things were going with Katie's pumping and 
to see if we had any suggestions for improvement re: their service . . . 

As for supplies, we order them through Animas customer service (we can even 
get the Minimed Quick-Sets that my daughter prefers to the comforts/sils 
through them).  They don't have the pump supplies on the web site (no sure 
why) just the accessories . . . 

That's my 2 cents
Pumpmama to Katie
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