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RE: [IP] Curious About Pump Choice

I can tell you why we extremely happy with Animas. When I started my
research, I used a positive and negative list to eliminate the different

Considering the features important to us, the positive on the D-Tron and
Animas was rather lengthy; the negative on the Paradigm was rather lengthy.
And the 508 wasn't water(whatever) and would lose it's mind with slight
static. Disetronic didn't have a rep for 300 miles and Animas had a rep and
CDE within 15 mins, both with spare pumps. I posted my questions and
concerns to several lists and got nothing but extremely positive feedback
about Animas. I liked the way they handled their potential AND existing
customers. They have jumped through hoops for us, not only as a prospective
customer(understandable), but now as an existing customer. We didn't make a
pump decision based on customer service, because this is a minimum 4yr
commitment and CS can change. But it sure has been nice.

I read all 43 MAUDE filings with the FDA and found 2 recurring problems,
insulin in the pump and audible alarm not working, so I called Animas and
asked about them. They told me the "insulin in the pump" was from cracked
reservoirs, due to people smacking them too hard to eliminate the bubbles,
so they redesigned the reservoir so bubbles are easier to get rid of. The
audible alarm trouble was because the piezo speakers were getting cracked,
so they changed suppliers.

The company was fairly young. I investigated and discovered that this is the
founder's third successful company.

I have noticed for the most part, people are quiet when they are content.
Extremely happy or unhappy tends to make them vocal. It just happens that
the Animas people are extremely happy.

With what other company can you have a question and get a response from the
developer or a VP?

Is this enough? Or ya want more?

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

-----Original Message-----
From: trifona

Over the 4 or so years that I have been here, i have noticed that most
are on Minimed pumps, with a smaller minority using Disetronic.  I have a
Disetronic H-Tron Plus, and am deciding on whether to go with that again or
get a D-Tron Plus.  We go with what we are comfortable with, it's natural.
question is, how come over the last few months so many people have been
Animas Pumps?  I'm not implying that anything is wrong with that choice or
anything, just pointing out that I've seen {to my eyes} a large
disproportiante share of people getting one.  You would thiink most people
would stick w/ Minimed or Disetronic if they were happy, and possibly switch
over to the other if they werent.  Does Animas have the infrastructure to
support everyone, & do they have the money to last {they are privately
Where do animas users get there suppplies from?  I dont see anything on
website other than accesories.

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