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[IP] Re: Dumb Software

>If I have a low BG, I am likely to
>be testing because I think its low in the first place, and I'm also likely
>be re-testing it in 15 minutes to make sure I've properly treated it.
>Sometimes it takes longer than 15 minutes for the OJ to show up in my BG
>reading, and as a result, I now have multiple readings with a low number,

I can relate.  Actually, I'm doing one thing that I've not seen anyone else
do, which I call "interpolated average". Essentially, it calculates your
average BG level taking into account the duration between readings.  For
example, if you have 3 readings...

8:00 am 200
12:00 pm 55
12:30 pm 80

Then, I will adjust the average based on the fact that it took 4 hours from
200 to 55, and only 30 minutes from 55 to 80.  Although this still isn't
perfect, it gives a more accurate picture of your average over time.  I then
use this number to calculate an estimated A1c level (which obviously will
only be accurate after you have used it for 3 months.  :-)
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