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[IP] Gina's A1c

> The last A1C results that I had on MDI was 6.1.  It stayed in that range
my first 2 results pumping, but lately it has been 8.5.
> What is going on?  I have a high and a low every once in awhile, but
nothing like it was on MDI.  <snip>
> Gina

How often do you test? We were shown a graph of tests, then with the CGMS
(continuous glucose monitoring system) and the *in betweens* were a lot
higher than those times actually tested. There were also undetected lows. We
can't know those times w/o the CGMS. That's my first suggestion.

My second: I don't know how long you have been dialyzing, but is it possible
all the wastes are now out of your system causing you to require more
insulin? I'm trying to watch that part myself. Haven't seen a rise like
that - yet.

My third suggestion: Have the lab test redone, it might have been in error.

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