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[IP] Silhouette Crimping Problem

Hi.  I hope someone will be able to shed some light on this problem.  I
searched the Archives and if the  solution is there, I couldn't find it.

I use Silhouettes and like them very much (had problems with the tape,
etc. on the Softsets), but . . . I seem to be running out of "real estate."

My tummy is my preferred insertion site.  I have too much tummy, but not
a whole lot, so there really isn't time for the first site in my rotation
to heal completely before I'm back around to it.  Also, I've been having
what I am fairly sure are absorption problems.  I use a fairly shallow
insertion angle--would increasing that help with the absorption?  (I know it
wouldn't help with the healing.)

I have also used my thighs and hips, but I have a continuing problem
with these.  If my tubing gets caught and pulls at the site, even if it
doesn't pull the cannula out, I can be almost positive that the cannula
and needs changing.  But this doesn't happen too often anymore.

The more troubling difficulty is getting crimps (usually 90 degree bends
in the very tip of the cannula--looks like a cartoon mosquito's 'beak' when
it has run into a garbage can lid while dive-bombing a target) when the
tubing has never gotten pulled.  I
suspect the problem has to do with muscle/skin movement, as I sometimes
notice that when the set area gets stretched, I will have pain at the
time and later (and also high sugars, which prompts me to change, whereupon

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