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[IP] Paradigm battery life - revisited

Okay, here is my sharing for this list regarding observed battery

I received batteries with my Paradigm from  MM and wanted to use them
up. When my pump class started, the battery in use alarmed and I
replaced it. The battery I put in lasted 11 days. I guess not too bad
since I was constantly playing with the screen, changing basals, taking
boluses, yah,yah,yah...

I decided to get some of the NEW Energizer batteries, the more expensive
(of course) e2 brand that are all silver. The first one was kinda
rejected by my pump as it lasted 4 days before I got a LowBattery alarm,
but the meter on the battery showed full strength. Okay, do I put in
another MM-supplied battery or go for another e2 from my stash. I put in
the e2 at 7:00am on August 29th, and September 18th @5:00pm I get the
LowBattery alarm. Since it is time for a site change and reservoir
change, I decided to let it ride and see how long the battery would
last. Well, 20 hours later, I have no more insulin so I make all the
changes including the battery. I even rewinded with the old battery
before replacing it, changed it for a new e2, and put the old one in my
Palm Pilot and watched the battery meter go up to 3/4 full from 1/4 with
older batteries. So it seems as if the old e2 still has some juice in
there some where. I'll update the list on the plight of my current new
As far as the price of the e2, it is a couple more dollars than the
originals, but I got mine from Office Depot that had, and still has,
in-store coupons for buy 8, get 8  free. So I got 16 batteries for $8.
Those are CostCo numbers!


Randal with his trusty "clear" Paradigm, Locutis
diag 2/01, pumpin 8/02, pumped 7/24
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