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[IP] Bloodwork Question

Got my three month blood work back today.
Results as follows (I am only listing the things I think people are 
interested in)
A1C - 5.5 (I haven't gone above 6 since starting on the pump, 6 years ago)
Total Cholesterol - 163
Triglycerides - 65
HDL - 69
LDL - 81
VLDL - 13
I was wondering, though, about the HDL.  The results were out of range on 
the sheet, as it says you should be between 40 and 60.  But then, it says 
that values above 59 are associated with reduced cardiac risk.  So, is it 
good or bad?  I don't limit my intake of anything, really, I just eat what 
I want and take insulin accordingly.  Should I try to get this number 
down?  My doctor didn't seem concerned.
Alicia, type 1 19 years, pumping almost 6, using Freestyle Tracker
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