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[IP] Dumb Software

I read the post from Ryan Ryan Bruner who was writing some Palm software for
storing BG readings, and all I can say is thank you.  Its about time that
software is written by someone who actually uses it, instead of clinicians,
doctors or other techno people.  I recently got a Freestyle Tracker, and
although I still haven't completely figured the details of software out, I
haven't been able to delete a record that comes directly from the meter, only
those that are entered manually.  This is a really dumb feature, but I've
found it to be true of Lifescan's software as well.

I find it really annoying that few (if any) of the commerical software
programs out there "permit" the patient/user to delete a BG reading.  If I'm
entrusted to manage my own condition on a day-to-day basis, why won't the
stupid program allow me delete a record?  If I have a low BG, I am likely to
be testing because I think its low in the first place, and I'm also likely to
be re-testing it in 15 minutes to make sure I've properly treated it. 
Sometimes it takes longer than 15 minutes for the OJ to show up in my BG
reading, and as a result, I now have multiple readings with a low number,
which screws all of the averages up.  Also, when printing the log book,
repeated low figures call attention to something that is really not a problem
because they are likely to all be part of the same "event".  We're not all
children who need to be monitored closely by our parents or doctors.  To me,
BG meters are a tool I use to stay on top of the situation, but I should be
permitted to delete readings I do not want included.

Its really annoying that these diagnostic companies who write most of the
software (Johnson & Johnson/Lifescan, Abbott/Medisense, Therasense, etc.)
write such dumb features or "controls" in their software.  I've complained to
most of them, but they've never made any changes of this type.  Anyway, I'm
just venting here, but I wanted ro commend Ryan for writing his own program. 
I hope its successful!

Scott Strumello

Age 33, Dx'd T1 9/76, Pumping with Animas R1000 since 6/02
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