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Re: [IP] Re: "Pizza effect"

thanks for the refs liz, but I wasn't questioning the effect that 
glucagon can have -- rather why just pizza?  I mean I can eat just a 
big block of cheese for lunch and not see much of a rise in BG even 
hours later.  It's a whole lot more than what's on most pizza slices. 
For me, the pizza effect is largely miscalculating the amount of carb 
in the dough.  If i figure most commercial slices have about 2 oz 
(56g), that usually works for me. I used to have lots of problems 
with high BG after one of those NY bagels too, till i actually 
weighed one at 4+ oz (75-90 g). That's a lot of carb, but now I know 
to bolus about 7-8 units for one of those tasty treats.

<<<<<<<I believe he found it out by reading an article I posted on 
the IP web site
at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/pfandbs.html

Some, but not all of the sources I worked from are cited below.  Sorry, I
don't know the MLA format for URL citations.
especially section III
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