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[IP] Need assistance from someone with Animas Pump ASAP

Ok tonight for the first time we got a low battery alarm. Heather was in the
middle of a site change so we change the batteries and change the O ring. We
get everything in where its supposed to be and tried closing the battery
compartment door and the stupid thing will not close tight like its supposed
to.. we were sitting there pushing as hard as we could to get it to go down..
and the pump starts making this really wierd alarm.. I look at the screen and
all it says is confirm.. i'm like ok.. hit the button and it stops.. okay.. so
keep trying to close the door.. it will not close tight.. what is wrong with
this stupid thing?? Anyway Heather is getting all upset because she's been
without insulin for almost 15 min.. and she is crying going whats wrong with
this?? i'm like give it to me and i'll try.. well no luck.. so i pick up phone
and call Animas.. of course it is after hours.. so i pushed the button that
yes I thought it was an emergency.. and i tell the lady what the problem is
and she is very nice and says i'll have one of the tech people call right
back.. i was like ok.. the lady calls trys to help me.. but we still can't get
it.. she says to go ahead and get heather hooked back up but maybe later
tonight go ahead and reopen the door and keep trying.. now also this may sound
wierd but heather was looking at the front of the pump on the main menu and on
the left of the screen approximately between the words basal and prime there
is a dent?? has anyone else had this happen..Should I be concerned about
this?? I know as long as we can't get this battery door closed all the way we
can under no circumstances get it wet.. Anyway.. if someone could let me know
that i'm not going crazy here and hopefuly we'll get it figured out.. i'd sure
appreciate it.. Thanks Rochelle
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